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♣тнє νιтαℓѕтαя♣

...тσ кєєρ тнє ∂σcтσя αωαу

☣ ♣ ℓυcу ♣ ☣
25 July
South Texas
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The name is Lucy. I'm an 18 19 20 21 year old Texan living in the southern-most tip of the United States. I'm currently enrolled in the University of Texas Pan American as a BS in Chemistry and aim for a career as a pharmacist or biochemist. Although that might seem slightly fancy and dandy, I’m a huge procrastinator. I tend to spend my time doing icons, writing fan-fiction, obsessing over favorite fandoms, playing video games, or idly chatting with people on messenger. I get things done though, don't worry about that!

I’m a slightly shy person when it comes to meeting new people out of the blue but don’t let that discourage you. This journal is FRIENDS ONLY. Make a note that you added me just in case I don't check!